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Monday, December 24, 2012

Everyone's Kindle for FREE

Just had a Kindle sale, but then it was refunded, which made me think. There are 3 reasons why this happened.
1. It was a mistake, they didn't want to buy it.
2. They bought it, read 1 page, hated it and asked for a refund (likely if they have an IQ of less than 80)
3. They bought it, read it all in the 7 days allowed, and then asked for a refund.
The first is understandable.
The second is just a kick in the butt. I hope it wasn't that one.
The third is...well, Amazon Kindle gives the buyer 7 days. Within those 7 days, the buyer can ask for their money back. That means that if you have the time to read a book in 7 days, you've read it for free!
Not that any of us are in this for money or anything...:-)

By the way...
Update: This post is getting a lot of hits!(yes, there's a few of them now)
Okay, as of 22 Sept 2013...
'Dani's Shorts' and 'TDX2' are still available FREE here...
All my other books are on Amazon :-)
Please review wherever you can :-)...
And I'll be in the Iron Writer Autumn Equinox Open VERY soon. Please get your voting fingers ready :-)

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