Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sniff and Grint are back!

Yes, not only is Graham Reader, the anti-hero Grim Reaper, in my next book, but Sniff and Grint are back!
Check out the first draft of their first scene :-)

No matter how many times Ekron hit the 'reset' button, the radar still showed the abnormalites. Slumped over his bench, he gazed into the bleeping screen.
"Okay, guys. Compared to you, I'm new here. Just what exactly is this?" Ekron looked over to his two workmates. They were both sitting on deckchairs, lying in the rays of three large neon signs they'd stolen from a local chain of pizzerias, sipping on their homemade Mai Tais.
"I said, what is this?"
"Can't you see we're busy?" Sniff spat his straw out and punched Grint in the side. "Go and see what he wants."
"I said...never mind." Sniff recognised Grint's 'eh?' routine. He could play it all day. He got off his deckchair and dragged his ugly little hobgoblin body over to the radar while cursing Ekron under his breath.
"Look." Ekron pointed to the 4 abnormalites. Sniff tried to wipe them off the screen with his soggy booger-ridden sleeve, adding some abnormalities of his own. "Thanks a lot." Ekron cleaned the screen with a rag.
"Mmm. What are they?"
"You tell me. Monkeys, souls, dogs, cats, and any other animal you can think of, it's all there, but those...the system doesn't recognise them."
"Oh, is that why they're flashing red?"
"I guess so, I don't know." Ekron had been stationed here at Outpost 452 for only a few months, he hadn't seen much action in that time. Pick up a soul or two, go investigate the occasional do-badder, but nothing like this. Sniff tapped the screen a few times.
"Is it a bug?"
"I told you, I don't know. I'm going to have to report this."
"What?" Sniff had already covered the communication switch with his hand. "Do you know what'll happen if you do?"
"Something? What do you mean?"
"Something will happen. Why d'ya wanna go and do a thing like that? We're all nice and peaceful here."
"You are. Look, it's not going away. There's a problem, we have to report it."
After a short staring match, Sniff let go of the communication switch.
"Okay, but I warned you. Remember that." Ekron hit the switch and contacted Headquarters.

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