Thursday, March 14, 2013


And I think I've just received the compliment I've been waiting for all these years. "Economical".
I am not one for long winded descriptions, I believe the reader should use their own experience of the type of situations and characters I present. I don't believe in shoving details down the throat of the reader, destroying any freedom they have in their own creativity. "The sullen old man dressed in a blue suit with matching tie mourned over..." blah blah blah... Nowadays it's usual clothing description that gets me, I call it 'ClothingDescriptionitus', Grisham suffers from it, as do so many others..."He ran down the dirt and dusty street in a faded blue loincloth..." Why do writers need to overload nouns with adjectives? Do they think it's what literature should be? All you have to do is read some Hemingway, ANY Hemingway, and you'll feel an economical style, one which allows you to think, not only in description but also in hidden meanings - he doesn'T spell it out for you, the reader has to work it out for themselves what exactly is going on. Freedom.

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