Saturday, March 12, 2016

Government Roaming Free + Weekend Quickie 170

One week has passed since I last posted and so much has happened here in my little host country.
Not only are we an 'illiberal democracy' (translation - dictatorship), not only is our Little Mussolini feeding his friends and family with the citizens' and EU's money, ...
1. ...we are now in a 'state of emergency' due to the migration crisis...'s not here anymore, by the way...that's just an excuse. Now TEK (the secret police created to deal with whatever the Government sees fit) can do whatever they want. And they are. For example, March the 15th is a commemoration of the 1848-49 revolution. TEK will close the area around the National Museum (the place where it all began) from the Hungarian public and only allow those invited into the ceremony/speech, ie. 4000 Polish facists and some Government supporters.
TEK will then attack any protestors who get within a sniff of the place. Or the Polish. Whichever.
After that, the country's their plaything. They can bust into anyone's home in the name of 'security' and destroy their life. Freedom, huh? None.
2. ...the Government has passed a law stating that the public (and Parliament) cannot ask for any information regarding the way their tax money is being used by the country. Yes, that means they can do whatever they like with the country's money and no one will know anything about it. 900 Billion Forints. And more. In their pockets and no one would know.

So now the country is under Martial Law and Little Mussolini can do whatever he wishes with the country's money. It started with Media Censorship and stealing Private Pensions and now we're at the end. Just waiting for the Russians to come in now once the economy collapses and Little Mussolini has escaped to some remote island in the Pacific. Someone get him a straitjacket.

Oh! Here's the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 170!
Website here...

WQ170 - 200 words. Image above, a fire, climbed a palm tree, discombobulated

"I don't think you should've climbed that palm tree," said Monkey One. "You look a little discombobulated."
Monkey Two checked the mirror in the Men's toilet. "Funny, the mirror says I look fine."
"No, you're not. For one thing, you're combing your chest hair with a toothbrush. Secondly, there isn't a mirror, only graffiti on the wall above the sink that says 'You look fine'. Thirdly..." said Monkey One.
"Really?" Monkey Two felt a little shaky on his legs.
"I think you should go see the doctor," stated Monkey One.
"No way!" replied Monkey Two. "I'm fine, see?" He pointed to the graffiti. "It's written on the wall."
"My point entirely. Come on, let's go." Monkey Two grabbed his arm but Monkey One held his ground. "You fell from the palm tree, you need to see the doctor."
"I'm fine!"
"No, you're not!"
"Just what in the hell makes you so sure I'm not fine? The wall says I am!"
"Well, the thing that tells me beyond any reasonable doubt you are not fine is that your hair on your head is on fire and you don't know it."
"Ahh, yes. Ahhh!" said Monkey Two, running out of the toilet.

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