Friday, May 13, 2016

The Truth: the 'hobby train' Felcsút Railway

Finally! Someone decided to investigate the new tourist little railway in Felcsút, the hobby train of our 'leader', the one he spent 600M Forints from the EU on.
There is a wonderful photo...the only people onboard are two reporters.
Yes, the Government told the EU that 2400-7000 people would use this 'hobby train' every day.
Do you know how many tourists are using it since it was built? NONE.
The only people the two reporters saw on the 'hobby train' were workers, four in total. Two going one way, two the other.
So, that was well worth 600M Forints of EU money, wasn't it?
The thing is, if 2400-7000 people aren't using this 'hobby train' every day, the EU will ask for their money back. And who is going to pay for that? The TAXPAYERS.
Politics IS corruption. But there comes a point when the politicians know enough is enough and somehow keep the country together. But not these guys. These guys will kill Hungary.

...on another note...the Writers Games 2016 have begun! Event 1 was put up yesterday in the 'private Facebook page' and I already have a story. I wonder how the judges will like it/hate it? Interesting times...

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