Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"If guns kill people then pencils" argument

This is one dumbass semantic argument. If you ever see this, then take the gun away from the person who put it up on whatever media outlet they used.

Guns are designed to kill.
Pencils are designed to draw or write.
Cars are designed to transport people.
Spoons are designed to help you eat..

So, let's do a BETTER comparison. Guns vs Mobile Phones.

Again, guns are designed to kill. Guns make it easier to kill or maim people. You can kill or maim people with anything else, it's just that guns give a greater opportunity to do so.

Check this link out, real reasons why people were killed or maimed with guns in March 2016.

Mobile Phones are designed to help us communicate. You can communicate with people by using many other things like computers, landline phones, whatever, but mobile phones give a greater opportunity to do so.
I remember when I didn't have a mobile phone, I could only communicate if I had access to a landline or a computer.

So, by making sure crazies or unstable people or people with low IQ or a strict upbringing which accepts the killing of other faiths, beliefs or views can't get their hands on guns, that would decrease the likelihood of them killing other people with guns.

And funnily enough, there is a concealed gun that looks like a mobile phone! $395... 

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