Saturday, August 27, 2016

Five Murdered Shakespearean Plays PUBLISHED!

Yes, it's out!
For the last five years I have given a drama class in my primary school, here in Budapest, Hungary, for ESL students aged 12-13. When this task was given to me, I searched the net for any short, funny plays that students learning English could perform. Then I realised I could write them, or at least rewrite some classics. And what better than Shakespeare! It also just so happened that the day of each performance coincided not only with the namesake of the school Eva Janikovsky’s birthday, but also Shakespeare’s, if he ever did exist at all – there are many doubts as to whether a glovemaker’s son could travel to London on a grammar school education and write plays that would astound audiences for centuries.
Now that I have five plays, I decided to 'publish' them. You never know, there might be someone out there daft enough to read them, or maybe even more, perform them with another group!
Here's the link and here's the cover!

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