Thursday, August 18, 2016

Suicide Squad + Those Damn Blue Corruption Posters

Suicide Squad - what's the problem? Sure, it has problems, almost all of the characters are paper-thin, the whole movie is slow, the storyline could be better, but hey! It's 'Entertainment'! Deadshot and Harley Quinn, they were the best roles. The others? Suffering. But cool, the movie is cool (if you speed it up a little...)

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Now, those damn blue corruption posters....Hungary has an anti-EU immigration referendum on October the 2nd, and the country is YET AGAIN filled with big blue propaganda billboards stating why Hungarians should vote to keep the immigrants out of Hungary, billboards PAID FOR WITH HUNGARIAN TAX MONEY. They cost nothing to produce and put up but the company who owns the monopoly on this business surely made the Hungarians pay. Money goes back into the pockets that feed them, of course. In the last kilometre connecting my town with Budapest, there were ten...TEN of these HUGE BLUE MONSTROCITIES which hope to STIR HATRED AGAINST IMMIGRANTS. Here's one of them...

 And another...

  What to do, what to do...I feel a 'little person' bashing is coming on...

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