Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Quickie 201

Yep! Weekend Quickie 201! 'Tis a good one!

The nascent facism in the country was beginning to take over, but Géza's mate Máté was stubbornly stupid. For him, the Government could do no wrong. Gézá read out headline after headline of corruption and questionable motives from Budapest Beacon's website off his tablet as they sat togethe, drinking a coffee in the market square as buyers and sellers busied themselves with their own wants and desires. The morning October rays blanketed the floral displays covering the stalls closest to them.
"Okay, let's run through them again, shall we?" he said. Máté turned his head and puffed out his chest.
"Népszabadság employees hold press conference, demand answers from VCP."
"That's just business, the place was running at a major loss," said Máté, taking a sip from his coffee.
"And then the Austrian company was allowed to buy up 12 local newspapers in Hungary?"
Máté shrugged. "They can do what they want."
"How about this? Government passes law to cover up TAO program expenditures."
"We don't need to know the in's and out's of the country's sports finance. Nothing to do with us."
"But if it's our money, or the EU's money?" asked Géza.
"We did well in the Olympics, money well spent, I say."
"And what about Felcsút?"
"What about it? Good place, so I hear," said Máté, finishing his coffee.
"1,600 people live there and it's got its own tourist train and a stadium that seats 3,500 which cost 3,8 billion Forints!"
Máté stared at Géza. "Looks nice, though."

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