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Monday, November 30, 2020

Humanity H2O... Book 4?

Yes, it came as a surprise, though, not really. Gubacsi Dulu was going to be a 'stand-alone', leaving questions to answer. Then a publisher said, "It's the first of a series, right?" So I got thinking and two more books came to mind. So I wrote for a three-parter. After finishing, both my Beta Readers and a few others said, "Well, there are still some questions unanswered, and what about the main character? You can't leave it like that! ... even though it's fantastic."

So here I am, looking at the 4th book... I haven't planned for it, who has? 

But I've made a cover (I love purple) and set it up for Pre-Order! It's... going to be exciting to see if I can reach the deadline, and also reach the expectations of YOU, the readers!

For example, if we have a look at the character development of the main character, Officer Karina Reif, you can see that after three books, it is possible to stop... but... also a possibility to continue!

Gubacsi Dulu - she realises she is living in a delusion of a life controlled by society

Radnoti X - now out of the delusion, she sees herself as a hopeless, passive member

Farkas Alpha - although still with little control, she tries to take action...*SPOILER*

..and book 4... well, that would be telling!

So, Pre-Order here! "Reif's Return" !!!!

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