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Saturday, April 22, 2023

And the Haters keep hating

Yep, more cretins. A 2 star on Gubacsi and a 3 star on Reif's Return, the lowest rating it has ever received. I don't know how they can do that, as I've had no action for a while, and Reif's Return hasn't had a sale for a long time, and suddenly, when I make a fuss about some negative ratings on my books, more negative ratings happen? 

I think there's something going on, as Amazon has a policy which allows those who have bought enough books to review or rate books they HAVEN'T bought or read. So, the more I complain, the more negative reviews I'll get?

Anyway, if you're NOT a cretin, then come and read my books. I'll put ANY book from my sci-fi series up for free IF you ASK. If you don't, I won't.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Read a book. That would be nice.

Was I little harsh yesterday? Talking about cretins? Nah.

In all my years of writing, I've read many books which had no purpose. At the moment I'm reading one which really has ABSOLUTELY no purpose. But I know that it will sell. There is a demand for whatever you'd call that. Even friends and family would buy it. But as for my own books? They have a purpose, to inform, to (hopefully) entertain, but does anyone care? Nope. The literature world is all about 'popularity', a make-believe concept created by those who wish to make a ton of money. I just wanna get read, that's why I occasionally give out my books for free on Amazon. I don't have any money to pay for any marketing to 'prove' that my books are 'popular'. 'Look, mummy! There's that book again! It must be good, that's the fifth bookshop I've seen this huge display in!'

Anyway, if you're NOT a cretin, then come and read my books. I'll put ANY book from my sci-fi series up for free IF you ASK. If you don't, I won't.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

103 ratings on Gubacsi Dulu! And 55 on Shade!

A little bit of movement... some good, some not so good.

Gubacsi Dulu got two new ratings, a 5 and a 1... so I checked Under the Shade of the Sun, another ebook I gave out for free, and yeah, another new rating there, too... or should I say '2'. Looks like someone didn't like how I write. But someone else did. Thank you, whoever you are!

Have I already mentioned that anyone who gives less than a 3 is a cretin? I would understand if a book was full of errors, full of loopholes, made absolutely no sense, had bad dialogue or was just a shit copy of another book, but Gubasci and Shade aren't any of these. So, it must be something else. Maybe they're Republicans, or Trump supporters, or Pro-Russian, or love Orbán. Whatever. Cretins.

If you're NOT a cretin, then come and read my books. I'll put ANY book from my sci-fi series up for free IF you ASK. If you don't, I won't.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Man will always act on Opportunity

 This morning I came across this short essay I wrote back in 2017 while studying for my first MA. If you ever get the time to watch Harvard's 'Justice' series, please do. If not, you might have time to read my books instead...

In my honest opinion, due to corruption and greed from those we have allowed to govern us for centuries, politics and justice have driven our society to a breaking point of absurdity, though after watching Harvard’s “Justice” series I can see that rather than continue with this fiasco, there are many ideas and theories we should perhaps follow and endorse.

Government has taken over many parts of our society, bringing in laws which make us safer, tell us how to live, and tax anything and everything which it can, with or without reason. In my opinion, there is too much legislation which has flowed over into territories where it has no place to be. I do not completely believe in the Libertarianism role of government, with no paternal legislation to keep us safe from ourselves, as there are many who need these laws – though perhaps it may wean out those with less intelligent DNA - but there is too much moral legislation, for example, telling us who can and cannot marry or whether abortion is legal, which is in fact none of its business, and there is also way too much redistribution of our income (taxation) going back to government with little or no power for us as citizens to have a say as to where it is used, other than to vote for another representative who will also not listen to us and would do as they saw fit.

I do agree with Locke’s ‘limited government’ in the point that each citizen must pay their dues to leaving the state of nature and entering society which is a safer place to live, only having a minimal state taxation for Defence, Police, and the Judiciary - as Immanuel Kant and John Rawls mention, we are individuals who are not tied to history or tradition though we may have an obligation - but the consent of the majority does not bring into account the consent of any minorities, as this fails to respect each and every one of us, this being a Libertarian view of life.

In truth, I believe Kant is correct that we are all “slaves to our desires” and as such we have no real freedom, and in point, any freedom of choice, but that does not mean we should sign our rights away to a self-inflated government that thinks it knows what’s best for us. I believe Kant’s Veil of Ignorance is possibly the only way to create a fair framework of rights and duties for a limited government to rule over us - taking into consideration of course Robert Nozick’s three principles of Entitlement Theory to help form its basis, a justice of acquisition, transfer and fair rectification of any unjust transfer - a framework made by a group of people gathered together with no prejudices of race, creed, colour, gender, handicap, stature, status or religion to lay down legislation for all, but I am afraid that the ‘human condition’ would never allow such a hypothetical approach to exist practically. Man will always act on opportunity, and whomsoever has the position of power to create legislation over us will use the opportunity to better themselves and their immediate circles.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

101st rating for Gubacsi Dulu!

 Yeah, the next 100 is beginning... yeah, right. Thanks to whoever rated Gubacsi Dulu! It's the only movement for a month...

Still proofreading... and getting deeper into the corruption of the world. And the stupidity of humanity. You wouldn't believe what's going on in Asia at the moment. The governments, the people, the infrastructural reconstruction... so much going on we have no idea, no way to stop the rot. And my host country is deeply entangled, thanks oh great illustrious leader!

This all reminds me of one song from the Stranglers.... Ice, off the Raven album (still a great album).

And while you listen to that track, come and start your journey to a greater awareness of your present situation!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Proofreading, proofreading, proofreading...

Yep, that's what I seem to be doing nowadays. It's good work if you can get it, but it takes the time away from writing. But between the empty promises of buying my books and reviewing them, proofreading still keeps my eye in. Maybe one day I'll get to finish How to 3 and Marika's Quest, but right now? Nope. Unless more interest appears, that is. But I'm yet again in the Amazon desert, although this time I do have ratings, if anyone chances by my books.

Anyway, back to work...

Dani's Shorts 9 is FREE over here...

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

100 Ratings! Huge Milestone for an Indie Author!

Yes, it happened! THANK YOU to all who rate and review my books. Each one helps. Gubasci Dulu now has 100 ratings, my first ever book to do so! This is probably the greatest milestone so far (or that will ever happen) in my writing. 

Humanity H2O!