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Sunday, August 27, 2023

There's a small hole in my garden...

Yep. There were a few of these, now there's only one.

A wolf spider. I gave it a little drink and it popped its head out (nope, this isn't the actual picture). 

My garden has always had these critters. Huge things. One of them was sitting on the door frame the other day, waiting for me to open the door for it to go inside. I think I caught it in the middle of writing a note for me, 'I came to visit but you weren't in', and I then gave it a goodnight kiss, so to speak (poor thing). Though it could've paid some rent... this is one I found some years ago when I first moved in. Maybe this latest one is a relation...

Friday, August 25, 2023

Still writing... and still the BOTs from Singapore

Well, it seems this blog has been compromised by BOTs from Singapore.

If anyone is interested, my sci-fi series paperbacks will hopefully now be taken over by my USA publisher in the future, as they go to book fairs and events across the USA and I don't, I'm stuck here writing this...

And I'm heavily into writing something, so... yeah. Still writing...

Friday, August 18, 2023

Short Story: I killed a spider today

I killed a spider today. 

Not just any old spider, but the big one over in the top right corner of the living room, about the wall-long cupboards behind the Smart TV. I watched it grow over the last few weeks, at first just a speck in the distance but then as we ran around, living our lives, somehow it grew, its legs long and spindly, its web taking over one corner of the room. No one else seemed to notice it, going about their business, as it also did. 

But today I had the chance. Moving the TV out of the way and grabbing the step ladder from behind another cupboard, I was able to reach with two short planks, one thin board used by the man who put in our radiators to save the wooden wall covers out in the back from burning while he fused the pipes together, while the other was a thicker, heavier cutoff of an old shelf. After slowly placing the thin board to one side of the spider, I smacked the cutoff into it, thus ending the spider's life. I wiped it off on a used tissue and placed it on the kitchen's outside windowsill. It's still there, I forgot to take it to the bin. The spider's existence still lives on, but in another form...

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

105th Rating for Gubacsi Dulu!

Got one more rating for Gubacsi Dulu... which was nice. I also have many ideas for a new book... which is nice. But no time to write it... which isn't nice. At least the Singapore BOTs have stopped... I think.

Anyway, if YOU have the time, please come and read my books.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...

And Book 1 of Marika's Quest...




Monday, July 10, 2023

The POVs of Humanity H2O, Bohatch Chronicles and Marika's Quest

Well, the first book of Marika's Quest didn't kinda sell well. It's a different series to the other two, set in the same time, same 'universe' with the same characters, but with Marika's point of view.

The Humanity H2O series was in Karina's POV, the main character, the protagonist which the story revolves around.

The Bohatch's Chronicles series was in Bohatch's POV (of course), one of the main sub-characters without whom Karina wouldn't have succeeded.

The Marika's Quest series is in Marika's POV, one of many antagonists found in Humanity H2O, but also an incredibly important 'linkpin' in Bohatch's POV (but no one knows it yet). Book 1 is also interesting because the protagonist (Marika) is also the antagonist... so true for us all. There's no worse enemy than ourselves. But then, sales have shown me that no one's really interested. I have 15k of book 2 done, but I'm more involved in other people's work at the moment than my own. When I have time, I will go back and look it over.

Anyway, if YOU have the time, please come and read my books.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...

And Book 1 of Marika's Quest...




Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Gubacsi Dulu FREE again!

Yes, the first book is FREE again for a few days. Just to see if there's still any interest... Singapore, go and read it, you might learn something. A few of the characters are based on your idol. 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Singapore BOTs... and a strange conversation...

Yep, Singapore BOTs are still hitting. They love that particular narcissist.

Anyway, I was outside on my quiet little street this Sunday morning, exchanging windscreen wipers on my car, and a young woman on a bicycle comes along and stops.

"Is the bike service open?" 

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Is the bike service open?!"

"Is the what?"

"The bike service?! The one on the main road!"

"But you're going in the opposite direction. And it's Sunday. Why...?"

"F#@°#ing (etc.)." (cycles off)

... I still have no idea why. 

Anyway, if you have the time, wish to know that you live under corruption, and have the intelligence, please come and read my books.

Gubasci Dulu...

Under the Shade of the Sun...