Sunday, January 17, 2021

New Day, New Sales!

 It's a new day and I wake up to... a handful of sales! Looks like I picked up a reader or two, one for the whole Humanity H2O series! THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy it, whoever you are! And I really hope they enjoy it because my books suffer from those who inject their own conceptions on them...

And yes! I got yet ANOTHER  recommendation from Amazon...

They're pushing me on ME, which is nice, though I hope they're doing the same elsewhere.

Still thinking about the spinoffs, Bohatch, Marika...

I asked Amazon why only 3 covers instead of the 4 for the series banner and that's what it is, 3 only, BUT I put the flea in their ear about allowing authors to upload their own image. Maybe in the future...

Humanity H2O! Out there, waiting for you!

Amazon Recommendations....for me...?

 I hope that Amazon is doing this for other people, too! I keep getting emails which recommend my own books to me, so hopefully they're sending the same info to others on their list.

Still love the 'Children's Steampunk' thing. I never chose that category... anyway...

Not much is happening, I can see a few readers here and there, possibilities of new reviews/ratings but time will tell. All I can say is that Humanity H2O has been my greatest success and if you were a part of that THANK YOU!

Spread the word... to intelligent people, please, I've had enough of trash sci-fi readers 'trashing' my writing when they don't know what a classic is if came up and told them that they've been conned by a narcissistic incompetent fool. Gubacsi is waiting for its 60th rating... will it be you?

Humanity H2O!

Friday, January 15, 2021

FIRST Review for 'Reif's Return!" Top 1000 Reviewer

 You know, this blog is mostly a diary of my adventures in the wilderness of self-publishing land. When I find something, I write it down, and sometimes it rocks boats. Apparently everyone else can say and do whatever they want but I can't... Mmm... I'll go check the mirror...

And YES! Reif's Return got its first review Down Under, Laurie R, the Aussie Top 1000 reviewer!

This is fantastic! Thank you Laurie R! I missed this because the Amazon sites aren't in sync at the moment, all of them have different reviews and ratings.

So... Humanity H2O! It's still out there... the truth, that is!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Researching the next book - Bohatch + NEW RATINGS!

 Yes, it's time to do a little research. I've read A TON of military biographies, so I thought I'd have a look at a sci-fi version... 450+ reviews, 57% 5 stars... shit, absolute shit. The guy was a high ranking officer in the army and decided to become a writer, and that wasn't good for literature. Sure, he has a whole regiment to put 5 star reviews on his books for him, but what is he really earning from that? Money. Yeah, but he dumbs down the readership, no one learns, especially him, that HE is an example of poor writing. 

I'll need to look elsewhere for a good example... but I think I'll just have to WRITE one.

...and Gubacsi Dulu gets its 59th rating... a 3 star... well, better than a 2 but only just. Radnoti X got its 10th... another 3 star... and Farkas Alpha got its 5th... a 4 star! (And got a GD sale!) Those 5 star ratings are becoming elusive... but thankfully no 1 or 2s (touch wood). Unfortunately, I don't have a large circle of associates with the capacity to chuck 'fake' 5 star reviews on Amazon... and if I did, would I really want them to? That would be a lie. But isn't the whole trash sci-fi community lying to their readers? Anyway...

...while you're waiting, give a review or rating over here (preferably a good one)...

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

"Lord of the Flies in space" - Radnoti X 9th rating 4 stars! (+List of 10)

And finally, someone has made the connection. There are hints to classics throughout my Humanity H2O series, and this was one of them! "Lord of the Flies in space." Thank you Doug McGonegal!

Many positive things to take from this review - very interesting storyline, thought provoking plot, twists and turns, great characters and character growth, and to repeat in capitals LORD OF THE FLIES IN SPACE!

But if you notice in Radnoti X's ratings, someone gave a 1 star rating to Radnoti X... they must be a well-read person, indeed (sarcasm is alive and well). 

Looking at my 10 novels, I'm doing quite well with the reviews so far for the latest series.

1. Gubacsi Dulu - 58 ratings (Humanity H2O book 1)

2. Manna-X - 20 ratings (Graham Reader book 4)

3. How to Build a Castle - 11 ratings (How to book 1)

4. Radnoti X - 9 ratings (Humanity H2O book 2)

5. Rage of Atlantis - 5 ratings (Graham Reader book 3)

6. Farkas Alpha - 4 ratings (Humanity H2O book 3)

7. Man by a Tree - 3 ratings (Graham Reader book 1)

8. Bethlehem Fiasco - 3 ratings (Graham Reader book 2)

9. How to Sink a Ship - 3 ratings (How to book 2)

10. Reif's Return - 1 rating (Humanity H2O book 4)

So, Humanity H2O! Connections to classics! Come and find them!

Monday, January 11, 2021

3rd+4th Rating for Farkas Alpha...?

Okay, so, my Beta readers said that Farkas Alpha was fantastic, and it made them want to move on to the last book... but somehow it still hasn't got a rating or review of 5 stars... what is the problem? What did I get wrong? Does the reader want a happy ending? That's Book 4, Reif's Return! You have to have the fall before the rise. 

1. Setup - Gubacsi Dulu = Karina awakens from her 'not-so-pretty' reality.

2. Confusion - Radnoti X = Karina realises things need to change.

3. Development - Farkas Alpha = Karina can do something about the situation.

4. Climax - Reif's Return = Karina is able to find an end!

It's all quite simple if you put it this way. Thank you to those who have all 4 books! I hope you can get to the end with some feeling and thought inside (hopefully enjoyment and fulfilment!).

Humnaity H2O!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

"Schematic Elicitation" - my version of Hemingway's "Iceberg Theory"

Everyone knows about Hemingway's Iceberg Theory, the writing style of omission which makes much of the story hidden, also making the story richer. In this way, the reader needs to think, if they wish to, about those parts which are not given by the writer, using their own schemata, their view of the world and objects around them. 

My writing has ALWAYS been based on this theory, especially after realising the 'strangehold' on my own imagination and creativity while reading certain writers, the particular example I like to give is John Grisham—he is FAMOUS but although he writes thrillers, they would be much better in a literary sense if he stopped describing people and places right down to the socks and bricks. BUT he knows he would lose MOST of his readership because they like to immerse into HIS imagination.

Therefore, my writing allows readers the opportunity to delve into their OWN imagination and creativity to help embellish the story which is given. Before Humanity H2O, I gave multiple POVs (Point of View) to show the stories from more perspectives (How to series = 4 POVs, Graham Reader series = many, though the most important character in the 'scene' kept the perspective). In Humanity H2O, I stayed with ONE POV throughout, which relates 100% with the reader's own POV.

My writing style is called "Schematic Elicitation".

I wanted to add another paragraph about those who give Humanity H2O books 1 or 2 stars (and even 3), but I think if you have got this far, you already know.

And one day after the BIG PROMO? Still more sales! It's fantastic! THANK YOU! 

Humanity H2O! We'll find a way!