Thursday, February 13, 2014

Half success AND MANGA!!!

I got 2nd place :-) 2 clicks...YES, you read right, 'clicks' logical brain could not compute that all Jasper wanted was 'clicks'. As a self-published writer, my mind thought he wanted downloads but now I realise he could only count the 'clicks' and not the downloads - there is no way to find out where the downloads come from, but the 'clicks', yes. I'm kicking myself because I could've PESTERED 100+ more people for a 'click' $50 and not $125... I wanted to put my books in the school library as the kids are screaming for them but now...I can get a copy or two (the shipping price to Hungary is a killer!)
Working on the last Challenge of the year, number 52 and it looks like I'm going 'MANGA'! :-)
Then I'll need to format 'Dani's Shorts 2' and publish it on Smashwords...exciting times!
Still working on 'How to'....have to make the reader 'care'...:-)

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