Monday, June 29, 2020

Catch 22 of Publishing

Yes, there is a simple Catch 22 of publishing that family, friends and close acquaintances don't seem to understand.

Of course, there are many ways to create a fan base, you can self-publish, get exposure doing interviews, competitions, freebies, etc. — which I've all done — but the best way is to get a publisher.
I do have Line by Lion for my 'How to' series (still thinking about the 3rd book) but I'd love to have another for my new sci-fi...

Oh, and if you didn't know, Dani's Shorts 8+ is out FREE at Smashwords...yes, a freebie!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dani's Shorts 8+ out now! #FREE

Yes, collection number 8 is out, on Amazon as a paperback, and on Smashwords for FREE.
Did I say free? Yes, of course!
Flash fiction for me is a way to exercise my literary mind, whereas novels are the prize (which you can pay for or pick up when I have a free promotion).
One day someone might see what I have, and I'll get some recognition, a pat on the back, an award or even a sale (?!?!)
You never know, maybe even a review...the cauldron of gold at the end of a rainbow!

So here it is, come and download, read and hopefully find something you enjoy reading!
(Gubacsi Dulu coming soon!)


AMAZON (Paperback and Kindle soon (yes, you can buy it, too))

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Last Ditch Effort UPDATE

Wow, that kinda worked... not.
A few more people downloaded RAGE for free, thank you! I hope one day someone will write another review or at least give some feedback on that one.
At this moment, I've just finished adding words to "Gubacsi Dulu" to make it 60k - it also has a title change, but I can't reveal it just yet. Keep fingers crossed the publisher will like it!
If they publish it, you can buy it, and if you buy it, I'll write the second part... and the third.

So, I've been writing since... late 2010, almost 10 years. What do I have so far?


Man by a Tree
The Bethlehem Fiasco
The Rage of Atlantis
How to Build a Castle in Seven Easy Steps
How to Sink a Ship (in eight long, excruciatingly terrifying, stinkingly evil nights)


Alice on the Outside-In
All For Love
Blue Haze

Self-Published collections of flash fiction and short stories/plays

Dani’s Shorts (1 to 7)
Six More Fantastic Short Stories No One Gives a F#ck About
Five Murdered Shakespearean Plays

A ton of flash fiction inside...

Ironology 2014: The Iron Writer Championship Series (TIW Anthology) (Volume 1)
Ironology 2015: The Iron Writer Challenge (Ironology - The Iron Writer Challenge)
Ironology 2016
Ironology 2017

Single (or two) short stories in anthologies

Itty Bitty Writing Space: 104 Stories by 104 Authors (Flash in a Flash)
CEA Greatest Anthology Written
FLASH!: A celebration of short-short fiction
Baby Shoes: 100 Stories by 100 Authors
Spectrum: A Colorful Collection of SmartyPants' Best (SmartyPants Spectrum Book 1)
Circuits & Steam
Desert Bus
DISARM: A Gun Sense Anthology (Black Heart Digital Anthologies Book 2)
Christmas Lites V
One Star Reviews of the Afterlife (Alternate Hilarities) (Volume 5)
Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs
The Indie Collaboration Presents: Tales From Darker Places: A Chilling Horror Anthology
Tales from Even Darker Places: The 13th Halloween Collection (The Indie Collaboration Presents)
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: A Second Children's Story Collection (The Indie Collaboration Presents Book 9)
Spectacular Tales 2: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection (The Indie Collaboration Presents Book 10)
Summer Shorts 2 (The Indie Collaboration Presents Book 11)
72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games (Volume 2)

Coming soon very soon…

(Gubacsi Dulu)
Dani's Shorts 8+

Coming a little later...

(Gubacsi Dulu) (Parts 2 and 3) ...maybe...
How to float your boat (under eleven odourless green, deliciously lavish, ostentaciously lucid, ubiquitously authentically omnipotent skies)  ...maybe...
The Beginning of Something Better  ...maybe...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Last Ditch Effort - RAGE #free for 3 days

I'm still waiting on any confirmation as to whether my latest manuscript (Gubacsi Dulu) will be accepted or not, and everything other than my short story writing and 3rd 'How to' which I work on every week is winding down... interest (none), free downloads (none), retweets (none), post likes (none), sales (HA! What are those?)... and all my new stories are systematically being rejected wherever I send them...
So, in one last ditch effort, RAGE, perhaps the favourite of all my novels, will yet again be #FREE for THREE days, starting NOW...
RAGE is a conglomeration of ideas on racism, prejudice, political dictatorship, terrorism, 9/11, species interaction, gender roles, intelligence, technology, genetics, origin of  humanity, etc.
If you haven't downloaded it or bought it (What?) already, here's your chance.

Some words about the book from readers...

Flash Gordon meets Water-world!
Heck, I'd buy it!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Systemic Racism must stop! Black Lives Matter!

For years I've watched the Police violence against the Black communities in the USA. George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel' back. It is time for change, not suppression. The Police start violence to be allowed to continue with violence. There are thousands of videos out there showing the Police spraying, pushing over, hitting, molesting peaceful protesters and then claiming they were resisting arrest when they stood up for themselves. Slavery was never abolished, it just changed, evolved. Prejudice will always be in our society unless we realise we are all the same IF we are all given a chance.
Systemic Racism is the key. Although this video uses animation, it's a great way to understand what is going on. How we should fix it is easy - equality without corruption.
I myself was a victim of Systemic Racism in the UK - yes, the UK is extremely xenophobic, and there is also a class system at work there, still going strong. However, it wasn't the case of class but my name (no, not Caile, that is my pen-name), which is not British-sounding, and so when I began looking for work, I received very few job interviews, and the ones that I did get were not as they seemed. For example, at one interview, as I entered the room, the interviewer was shocked and asked why I wasn't Black or Pakistani. He then blamed me for wasting his time because I was there to fulfil his quote of Equal Opportunity interview numbers and now he had to find someone else. This wasn't an isolated incident.

Friday, May 29, 2020

The ''other evidence that does not support a criminal charge"

"So, Freeman, what's all this about 'other evidence', eh?" asked the Chief as he came through the door. Mike Freeman, county attorney for Hennepin County spun around in his chair and handed over a piece of paper.
"I got this only a few hours before my press conference," said Freeman.
"What is this?" The Chief read it out. "I feel so ashamed of being handcuffed, I will commit suicide under this nice and just policeman's knee, signed George Floyd." He turned it over in his hand. "This is written on office paper, it's got the header and all."
"And? It's a suicide note. The man was obviously suffering from the ordeal."
"We can see that from the video! Wait, what's this... something else written here... 'PS. This isn't my handwriting, I have 3 witnesses to prove it, signed Derek Chauvin'. Oh, well, that's proof enough, then, isn't it!" The Chief screwed up the paper and threw it in the trash bin.
"That's important evidence!"
"You'll need to come up with something better than that," said the Chief.
"How about... an undercover re-location program, we made it look like he died only to relocate him to... Florida."
The Chief shook his head. "Not gonna work."
"Well, how about this?" Freeman passed the Chief a small card. It was Derek Chauvin's KKK membership card. The Chief looked it over and turned the card, revealing an FOP membership number.
"Okay, that looks good enough. Thanks, Freeman, we'll see what we can do."

Thursday, May 28, 2020

João Cerqueira's book 'Jesus and Magdalene' wins IRDA Humour 2020!

A book I edited and proofread back in 2016 keeps winning awards!
João Cerqueira's 'Jesus and Magdalene' has won the 2020 Indie Readers Discovery Award for Humour!
Congrats to him! João is Portuguese and I had to do some minor tweeks to make it work correctly in English, so I guess that's why he keeps praising me, saying the prize is mine, too! This prize...

About IndieReader...

IndieReader launched the IRDAs in 2011 to help notable indie authors receive the attention of top publishing professionals, with the goal of reaching more readers.  Noted Amy Edelman, author and founder of IR, “The books that won the IRDAs this year are not simply great indie books; they are great books, period.  We hope that our efforts via the IRDAs ensure that they receive attention from the people who matter most.  Potential readers.”  
Past and present sponsors for the IRDAs include Amazon, Reedsy, Smith Publicity and NY-based literary agents Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.  Judges have included publishers (from Penguin Group USA and Simon & Schuster), agents (from ICM, Dystel), publicists (from Smith Publicity), and bloggers (from GoodeReader). 

And here is the IRDA review online, but I copied it here, anyway - a little difficult to read but hey.

Go find it on Amazon here as an ebook and here as a paperback!

Oh, and my 8 Fantastic Stories No One Gives A F#ck About is still FREE!