Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Australian Reviews from Top 500 Reviewer!

A review popped up for Radnoti X yesterday, a 3 star review from Australia from a Top 500 Reviewer!

So I went 'down under' and noticed another review from the same reviewer on Gubacsi Dulu!

One thing is, it's excellent to receive reviews from a Top 500er! Thank you! Not a first but it is for this series!

Another thing, however, is the reading level of a Top 500er... one of the main things about Humanity H2O is to get the reader to THINK. And this reviewer doesn't wish to do that, and also wishes only to see the good side of the world. This is worrying, not only for the reviewer but also for... humanity. 

What will literature look like in the future? Where, in fact, are we now, in a world of trash and clones, and yet the top readers in the world have come down to saying such things as 'makes me think too hard'...? This does not bode well for the future. 

Where is our education? Where is our culture? Where is our art?

I am saddened. I am in shock. Slightly. I expected this from trash readers, and have received it with 1 and 2 star ratings, but not from Top 500ers...

BUT HEY! The reviewer did say "Clever writing"! And it is!

Recommend it to anyone with a brain! What is the expression? Brainf#*k? (Yes, there are 4... and that's it, okay, 4, no more, no less)


Monday, November 30, 2020

Humanity H2O... Book 4?

Yes, it came as a surprise, though, not really. Gubacsi Dulu was going to be a 'stand-alone', leaving questions to answer. Then a publisher said, "It's the first of a series, right?" So I got thinking and two more books came to mind. So I wrote for a three-parter. After finishing, both my Beta Readers and a few others said, "Well, there are still some questions unanswered, and what about the main character? You can't leave it like that! ... even though it's fantastic."

So here I am, looking at the 4th book... I haven't planned for it, who has? 

But I've made a cover (I love purple) and set it up for Pre-Order! It's... going to be exciting to see if I can reach the deadline, and also reach the expectations of YOU, the readers!

For example, if we have a look at the character development of the main character, Officer Karina Reif, you can see that after three books, it is possible to stop... but... also a possibility to continue!

Gubacsi Dulu - she realises she is living in a delusion of a life controlled by society

Radnoti X - now out of the delusion, she sees herself as a hopeless, passive member

Farkas Alpha - although still with little control, she tries to take action...*SPOILER*

..and book 4... well, that would be telling!

So, Pre-Order here! "Reif's Return" !!!!

Farkas Alphas 1st review! 4 stars!

Yes! Finally the 1st review/rating for Farkas Alpha, from Mr R. Adkins, who has kindly reviewed all three books! I would like to thank him if I could, whoever he is!

Excellent review! He seems to have caught much of the essence of the book. Though he does bring up a question which myself and my Beta readers have noticed. So... there might be some more news soon.

Humanity H2O! "MTSG!"

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Gubacsi Dulu still doing well

 As far as I can see, Gubacsi Dulu is still going well, on KENP, sales and who knows, maybe it'll get to the 50 mark in ratings/reviews! That will mean I can advertise on certain websites (they only take 50+ books).

Farkas Alpha is also still #3 New Release in a sub-category...

So, it's still going, I'm riding the wave, wondering how far it'll go... though the ideas keep coming... 

Humanity H2O! Will we survive?

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Amazon book ratings and reviews (Com vs UK)

Just a little observation today...

Amazon ratings never really link up completely across their sites for some reason, Gubacsi Dulu has 45 on but only 42 on, though they're roughly about the same...

Radnoti X has 4 on and 4 on, though they each have one different rating (review), but they are almost the same...(so actually 5 ratings in total)...

Strange, huh? I wonder how they do this? Anyway... things are going well! At the moment I'm enjoying this time, waiting for reviews, ratings, sales and perhaps... something else... an idea has appeared... yet I cannot say. When some reviews come in for Farkas Alpha, then it'll be time...

Humanity H2O!

Radnoti X - New Review! 4th(5th) rating! (3rd review) 4 stars!

...and finally another review for Radnoti X! 4 stars! I'll take it! The reviewer also read Gubacsi Dulu, and gave a 5 star review, though this time a 4 star, which is just as good! Thank you, sir!

This is excellent! ...actually the 'negative aspect' the reviewer mentions is one of the central points in Radnoti X. For the main character, Gubacsi Dulu was the realisation that she was living a delusional life within a controlling society, Radnoti X shows that we are merely passive players with little or no control over our situations within the society we find ourselves, whereas Farkas Alpha shows what happens when we try to take control and find some meaning to it all, still enclosed within these 'prison walls'. Of course, there's some fun, adventure and entertainment along the way! And some nifty writing and thought-provoking sentences.

So, come, recommend to all! Spread it far and wide! 

One of my beta readers said, "It's more than just a book."

Friday, November 27, 2020

Activity on all fronts!

Yesterday, all across the board there was a little activity... except in reviews and ratings, though should I push for them? Of course! I need feedback from readers, not only to punch my ego but also to fluff it up as little. My Humanity H2O series has been a success, small on anyone else's scale but large for little me.

Yesterday Farkas Alpha still held 2nd in that subcategory of New Releases!...

The Flash anthology (entitled 'Worth a 1000 words') is almost ready too, so that's coming soon. 

I have also had another idea... more on that later.

Humanity H2O!