Saturday, February 9, 2019

Itty Bitty Writing Space Kickstarter doing FANTASTICALLY!

Well, the Kickstarter of Itty Bitty Writing Space is going FANTASICALLY well!
The initial goal was set at...$ 1,700 
but it's not at...
$ 6,580!!!
...still with 12 days to go!
Go and see for yourself, or maybe even back it yourself! Click here!

There's even an execellent graphic about the 'team', which I'm in...can you guess which one I am?

Other news.. Manna-X, after almost 500 FREE downloads the other week - there might now even be 10,000+ copies out there somewhere - I have 19 reviews. Nineteen. If anyone out there has downloaded or even PURCHASED it, please write up a review! Thank you!
Manna-X is here!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New readers, NEW ANTHOLOGY!

I've picked up a few new readers... thank you, whoever you are! Got a ton of 'Kindle Edition Normalized Pages' read, which is very nice indeed... thank you!
I'm also involved, both as editor and contributor in a BRAND NEW ANTHOLOGY from Mr. Jason Brick, the 3rd collaboration...
After only a few hours, the Kickstarter campaign was 100% backed, and looking at it now, after only a few days, it's at over 200% and rising! Looks like a good thing is happening!
Please go over and have a look at the project, it's worth the click! And if you back it before the 31st, you can put a copy into a library of your choice!
Itty Bitty Writing Space: A Flash Fiction Anthology

Friday, January 25, 2019

A Sale, a National Presentation and a tons of downloads...

Yep, that's today!
I got the news that I will be presenting an essay on Hamlet film adaptations in the National Student Presentation Competition in a few months.
Someone also bought "Manna-X"...!!!!
...and a handful of people downloaded most of my freebies from Smashwords.
You don't get many days like these!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read and review! It's the only way to spread the word!
Thank you for all your support...! ...but don't leave yet, we've only just begun!



Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #284,467 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

                                         (Screenshot from Zeffirelli's Hamlet, 1990)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

19th MANNA-X Review!

I now have my 19th Manna-X review! After five days of FREE ebooks, with almost 500 copies downloaded across the world - the majority on - I have my 19th!!! ...I haven't kept up with the quantity of Manna-Xs out there, somewhere. Probably about 3000+ now, maybe more - though very few were actually bought. But hey, I'm not a 'name'.
So, the review?
Well, it's a 3 star, the first for Manna-X... BUT if you have a quick look at the review, you can see that...
1. The person is in some way religious or has faith in God - therefore it could be difficult for them to like Manna-X, which IS irreverent, as they say..
2. The person doesn't like Douglas Adams, which is the style of Manna-X, basically.

So, considering this, 3 stars is FANTASTIC! "...written very well and with some great dialog" YES! Thank you!
If you did download Manna-X and just haven't got around to reviewing it yet, here's the link...

Here's the short but succinct review! Thank you, 'Kindle Customer', you brought me one step closer to the 'big list'. Thank you!
 Absurd January 17, 2019
Absurd and irreverent, but ultimately only very silly. If you don't like Douglas Adams, you won't like this. Still, written very well with some great dialog.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Please READ and LEAVE a REVIEW!....In Search of TWO reviews...."Manna-X" FREE AGAIN

Yes, I'm in search of reviews, yes, more reviews for "Manna-X".
I have heard that if a book gets 20 reviews, it is put on a very long list of Amazon books and distributed in some way to readers among the Amazon reading community. If it has 50, then it goes up the list, etc.
So. the more reviews a book has, the more 'exposure' it gets among the reading community.
..."Manna-X" has 18 reviews...I need TWO MORE to try out this 'rumour'.
Can anyone please put on a review? It's a fantastic book, and I hope someone can  put on an  honest review...well, two people at least?...maybe...

LINK to FREE ebook! FREE for FIVE days!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! "All For Love" on Smashwords FREE

Thank you to all who downloaded "Trilogy" in the last few days - downloads from the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, and India!
I hope you will all give it a try, perhaps even give a review once you've digested them - a lot to read, three books in one.

In my studies, I've recently had to re-read the Greek classics and the Bible, including work by the literary critic Northrop Fyre...Why Frye? Why, indeed. Although I despise him, his work must be read and taken in, and he uses some possibly useful terminology.

Anyway...I've made a decision. Time to make "All For Love" FREE!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

"Trilogy" FREE for 4 days + "How to Sink a Ship" reader!

Just received a photo from a reader of "How to Sink a Ship!" with the promise of a review later!
Well, that makes my day...and hey, there's a plush foot in the picture too...hope it's not a squirrel!

Why don't you pop over to have a look at the book, or even go look at my freebies over at Smashwords!
Or even download the FREE copy of "Trilogy" which includes...
Man by a Tree
The Bethlehem Fiasco
The Rage of Atlantis

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!