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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free promotion days!

Thought I'd write a post...
My personal Iron Writer Challenge collection is coming along nicely, just wating for Challenge 26 elements, then I'll write the story, format the book and put it on Smashwords. Let's see who is out there...
This week another writer I'm acquainted with reached the #100 Amazon rating while doing a free promotion day. So I've decided to do a 'Free for 3 days' promotion on Amazon next week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (21-23 August), tweet it around and fb it, see what happens. I'll try and make sure the short story collection corresponds with that, too.
Apparantly I had an article in my local newspaper (The Hunts Post, UK) about my book, but I can't find it anywhere, I think they're not telling the truth...if anyone can find it, please send it to me.
...others not telling the truth. I finally got proof that there are a lot of self-published writers who cheat with their Amazon reviews. I choose not to join them. One writer had almost 100 5* reviews and yet the book was far from that. Ethics. Perhaps I'll get a thousand 1* reviews from them now...:-( Already had some Spanish woman call me an arsehole...1. she doesn't know me, if she did then she would be free to call me that, and 2. she didn't read the book. Why do I always get the crap? WHy can't people just read the books? Why can't my books be 'taken away' by an Amazon storm? We'll see next week...

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