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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almost lost it

Today I opened up a little to a writing question, but the conversation was taken over by another writer and the person I was having 'a laugh' with. They went all obtuse. I thought, 'wow, some people are so much better than me'. Then I went off to sample the 'other writer's work...I was hugely disappointed, a sheep in wolf's clothing, or visa-versa maybe. I've met a TON of these writers in the last few years, they speak loud and hard, write like shit and even worse, write dull - the worst crime.
Although I'm tired and this book living inside my head is killing my sanity, I will continue. I will finish this latest short story collection, and I WILL finish this 5th book, just to spite those who think they are so goddam clever, collecting 100+ 5 star bogus reviews for their crummy books. I don't care who doesn't read my books. Someone is. Not many, but someone is. I raise my finger to bogus indies and career writers everywhere.

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