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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Yes, it's March the 2nd...Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
My parents must've read me a few when I was very young because I've ALWAYS loved Dr. Seuss, and it must've been VERY young because the first I can remember is the pictures. I was a 'good' drawer at age 9 and I wanted to draw like someone but couldn't remember until I met Dr. Seuss' books later on in life...opportunity gone. I have a small collection of books now which I read to my kids at bedtime. They love them.
But now, yes, you guessed it, to celebrate his birthday, Michael from TIW challenged us to write in the style of Dr. Seuss! So I did. And pasted a picture together...copyright infringement, here I come :-) Find it on TIW here ( here's mine, based on 'One fish, two fish' :-)

One moose, two moose, fat moose, thin moose.
Some are very small, while others seem quite tall. Oh, let's have a ball!
Some are old, and some are bold. Some have colds and some have mould.
Why do some have colds and mould? I guess it won't be told.
Some are happy, some are snappy. This one has a little nappy.
Here are some who like to chat, here are some who like big hats.
Here are some who like to scat, here are some who have pet rats.
Some have great clothes, others have big toes.
Some like to compose, others, well, who knows?
Some are funny, some have money, some like little furry bunnies.
Some have short tails, some have long nails, some like swimming with the blue whales.
This one's name is Tom, he loves to take his Mom to go and see the Prom.
This one's name is Fred, he loves his comfy bed to rest his weary head.
Why does Fred love his bed? I guess because it's cherry red.
None of them is like the other, they all grew up with diff'rent mothers.
So come along and see the moose, but don't forget the orange juice.

1 comment:

  1. A lovely little rhyme, ideal for stimulating the imagination of young children and encouraging their use of language. All it needs now are a few illustrations to go along with it.