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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Palindromes! Flash in the Pan! 13th March 2014

Looks like there's a new thing in TIW...Flash in the Pan!
Today it was this...
(this is my take, there are others on the website here (you'll see my Dr Suess thing on the right :-)

Flash in the Pan 13 March 2014

(Palindrome - "I madam, I made radio! So I dared! Am I mad, am I?")

"Is he alright, doctor? Is he?"
It was difficult to see how the poor man could be, what with the four iron wrapped around his head.
"I'm going to have to run a few tests, madam. Just when exactly did this happen?"
"After the swearing, before the ban," said the distressed wife.
"No, no, at what time did this happen?" The doctor shined a light into the patient's eyes.
"Oh, sorry, doctor, about three hours ago," stated the women, matter-of-factly.
"Three hours! Why the hell did it take you this long to get him here?" complained the doctor.
"Well, I didn't really notice..."
"Notice? He's wearing a golf club for a hat and you didn't notice?"
"Well, I noticed that, but..." She was interrupted by her inflicted husband.
"I madam, I made radio! So I dared! Am I mad, am I?"
"See? He never made much sense before but now…" apologized the wife.
"Ah-ha. He has 'palindromitus', a common misfortune on the golf course." The doctor stopped his examination and sat there thinking.
"So, doctor? What's your diagnosis?"
"I'll write up a prescription." He wrote down the usual commission based medicine and scribbled his signature down at the bottom of the paper.
"So, doctor, looks like my husband won't be playing golf for a while. Fancy a set of clubs, without the four iron, of course?" asked the wife.
"Golf? God! Yawn! Mad on Eve! No damn way! Dog flog!"

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