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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekend Quickie 30 - Who will take the Challenge?

Wrote up my latest Weekend Quickie in the style of a relay. I wonder who will move the story on?
See it here and the stories before and after on TIW website, or mine here...-)

A yellow scorpion scurried across the bonnet of the pink Mazda2, embarrassed as I was to find itself within 100 miles of its presence. Trust me to borrow my wife's car on a day like this. I'd seen the shiny topped bearded man in glasses smoking in his convertible at the 2 mile mark into Tijuana on Highway 2 a moment ago and I parked in the nearest layby. Was that the dead body of Carlos I'd seen in the back seat? Adjusting the fluffy pink framed rearview mirror, I saw the car some way back at the junction. It sat there like some big beige monster ready to change my life. But for good or bad? I knew what Carlos had been up to and how he felt such a bigshot since getting connected, and I knew what he'd carried out of the trailer this morning. I'd warned him but now it was all too late. Should I do something? If I were in my Ford truck, there'd be a shotgun under the seat. In this car, the most lethal thing I'd find would be haircurlers. What now? A Toyota Tundra drove by with speed back towards the vehicle.

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