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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whippin’ Post - Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)


"Whippin’ Post!"
Way back when, when things were bad, how we loved this song! We'd play it almost every weekend, and if we couldn't play it, we'd sing it! Those girlfriends playing with our 'good time buddies'....okay, if we had girlfriends, and if we had any good time buddies, and if get the meaning. Who the hell wants to date a guy with no money, long smelly hair and a strange looking beard? Okay, maybe somewhere else, but not in deep Fen country...:-)
Here's the orginal song from the Allman brothers (1970)....

And here's Zappa from 1984 :-) Oh, how we..(blah blah) :-)

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