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Sunday, November 17, 2019

More Sales! Castle and Ship!

Two more sales, one 'Castle' and one 'Ship'! Thank you, whoever you are, kind sir/madam/xe...
It makes me happy knowing a couple more paperbacks are out there in the world somewhere.
Looking back, there might even be almost IN TOTAL 10,000 copies of my works out there, from either sales or free promotions, excluding the freebies from Smashwords.
I'd love to know where they are... and how come no reviews are up on Amazon... maybe that's a GOOD thing...
So, perhaps the third part of the trilogy is needed...

...actually, I already have a title and a plot, I just have to sit down and put those little letters together to make words which in time make sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, and finally a first draft...

Here are the links to the first two (if you want an ebook copy of the 2nd, reply to this post!)

How to Build a Castle in Seven Easy Steps

How to Sink a Ship (in eight long excruciatingly terrifying stinkingly evil nights)

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