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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Review Request for Gubacsi Dulu! (If you can...) #Amazon / #Goodreads

After three days of free promotion, there are now well over 1000 copies of Gubacsi Dulu spread across the globe, through (USA) and the sites in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and India!

(UPDATE: Include Japan in that list! Thank you!)

I call this a HUGE success! (Though it's a lot of work without a cent) 

And it's all thanks to you... and those who helped, Jasper T. Scott (successful sci-fi author), Chris the Story Reading Ape (incredible blogger), 'David' (free promotional Twitter service), my aunt in Australia(!) and many others!

Now comes the second phase... the reviews? At the moment I have a slightly strange 3-star review. Just one review. It says good things (except the first part) and then gives 3 stars...

On the surface, the first few words, and the number of stars given aren't so good, but I'd still call this review a success! Do you know why? Because I wrote it this way - imperfect, as we all are - it is as true to life as I can possibly get it, we live in only one Point of View, and our lives move in twists and turns, and there's no way to guess the end. The reviewer 'hit the nail on the head', though as one friend once said to me about my first ever book... "I can feel there's something I'm missing, I know it's good but something's telling me it's better. But I don't know what it is." Exactly. Maybe one day...

So if you were so kind as to download the book, please take the time to review it - that is, if Amazon allows you to! I've also downloaded freebies and found I can't review... so what do you do? Find the book somewhere else, on Goodreads, for example, and leave a review! I really need the feedback, to know whether someone actually got the message, whether what I am doing is getting through and appreciated.

(UPDATE: Received a review on 5 stars and said great things! Thank you!)

On Amazon...

On Goodreads...'s my Goodreads Author Page if you'd like to see what other people thought of my other books...

Now, onto the next book! Pre-Orders are available...

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