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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Radnoti X: 3rd rating...a 3 star? Curious...

Radnoti X got its 3rd rating, about ten seconds after I posted the 5 star review here... a 3 star no review internationally. 

A rating with no review isn't so good for myself, yeah a good rating brings up the average but it doesn't give me any real feedback like a message or review. It's an anonymous hit on my books, especially the bad ratings, including a 3. As I've said before, to hate my Humanity H2O series is also to be living in denial that our society must change from being racist, addictive, white supremacist, male dominant/anti-women, and profit-oriented. Our society is completely screwed, we are living under the wrong code. We need... anyway, enough rant. Please rate Radnoti X honestly, and if you really thought my writing was bad, then, okay, that's your opinion, but at least say why it was bad. I remember I once lost a writing competition because my spelling was in British English (therefore wrong) and not American.

And either something has happened to Amazon's KDP site, or has the bubble burst???

Please, come, read, recommend!

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