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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Researching the next book - Bohatch + NEW RATINGS!

 Yes, it's time to do a little research. I've read A TON of military biographies, so I thought I'd have a look at a sci-fi version... 450+ reviews, 57% 5 stars... shit, absolute shit. The guy was a high ranking officer in the army and decided to become a writer, and that wasn't good for literature. Sure, he has a whole regiment to put 5 star reviews on his books for him, but what is he really earning from that? Money. Yeah, but he dumbs down the readership, no one learns, especially him, that HE is an example of poor writing. 

I'll need to look elsewhere for a good example... but I think I'll just have to WRITE one.

...and Gubacsi Dulu gets its 59th rating... a 3 star... well, better than a 2 but only just. Radnoti X got its 10th... another 3 star... and Farkas Alpha got its 5th... a 4 star! (And got a GD sale!) Those 5 star ratings are becoming elusive... but thankfully no 1 or 2s (touch wood). Unfortunately, I don't have a large circle of associates with the capacity to chuck 'fake' 5 star reviews on Amazon... and if I did, would I really want them to? That would be a lie. But isn't the whole trash sci-fi community lying to their readers? Anyway...

...while you're waiting, give a review or rating over here (preferably a good one)...

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