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Saturday, February 20, 2021

5 star rating for Radnoti X! (14th rating)

 And in a flash... Radnoti X gets a 5 star rating! THANK YOU! WHO ARE YOU??? (I would like to tell you I have a new book coming out! Oh, and there are the other 2 in this particular Humanity H2O series :-)) Creeping up to that 4.0...

AND.... a sale of Reif's Return! THANK YOU! 

The ratings are slowly moving forwards, sales are slowly coming in, readers are becoming aware of the series! Whoever you are, thank you! A writer creates the work but it's the reader who imagines it and brings it into being. Who knows, maybe it'll go mainstream, maybe a publisher will HAVE TO give me a contract before another one does! I've already self-published the series but there's always a chance to get second rights. Anyway... dreams... we need them, they keep us moving on!

Reading through the NEW book... and I already have an idea about the second in this new series... ideas... they just keep coming!

Humanity H2O!

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