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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Radnoti X hits 20 Ratings!

 Big day. Radnoti X hit 20 ratings with another 4 star rating and a good review, bringing the average to 3.9. Thank you Daniel J K! ... Hang on, I'm Dani J C, the 'C' being pronounced 'K'... LOL

And Gubacsi Dulu is now up to 77 ratings with another recent 5 star, bringing the average back to 3.8. It's going to take a few to get it to that 4.0 needed for a little advertising. 


Yes, this part! I know you REALLY love this part! I really need ONE MORE REVIEW on (Can you spot the changes in this part?)

I'm trying to get my NEW BOOK out there, so... here's the link to the NEW BOOK, UTSOTS if you're thinking of buying it or recommending it and supporting my work because YOU are CLEVER enough to read it and UNDERSTAND it...(And maybe even pre-order the 2nd! - it's coming) Reviews and ratings would be nice...GOOD ratings from GOOD people! I need more reviews PRETTY SOON, too! The MORE the better! (Some 5 stars would be nice but hey...) Things are happening... yes, they are. Oh yes, there are. (Yes, I copy and paste this and change it a little every post - do I? Yes. One day it'll turn into an octopus - Look, see it already has one leg... ~~~~.... and another ~~~~ and...? It that another? ~~~~ Yep. 3-legged, so far. Oh, what's that? ~~~~ 4-legged! No! It's... ~~~~ 5-legged!)  . Wrong again! ~~~~ six!

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