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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Strange Titles in New Releases - Killing the Orange Banner

 I've had a little activity with my Pre-Orders recently, so I went to check on their Amazon ratings in 'New Releases' in their subcaterogies. Check out the Children's Steampunk Books New Releases!

Yeah, No.6... but hang on... what's this? SIX out of the Top 8 aren't Steampunk at all, they're 'self-help'/self-awareness/religious/Spanish books... what's going on? My book would be No.2 if they weren't there. Amazon has kinda lost track of this subcategory. How can I ever get the Wonderful Orange Banner if books which are CLEARLY not in the subcategory are there? Is this a publisher/writer trying to get a 'Bestseller' tag? Or a clerical mistake? I've written to Amazon, but who knows?

Anayway! It was a great week for KENP! THANK YOU ALL! Please, recommend my books!

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