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Monday, January 2, 2023

Ukraine - 313 days so far...

I've always had a ton of viewers on this blog, BOTs or people, I don't care, from Russia. So...

Ukraine. 313 days. Putin attacked Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022, thinking that the country would fold in 5 or 6 days. It didn't. I've got a few points here to make.

1. Corruption changes the viewpoint of everything. Putin suffered from corruption of his intelligence on Ukraine and from his own military, which used its annual budget on personal gains for its generals. New reinforcements are suffering from that same corruption, given little or no equipment.

2. It's the 21st century. No one can attack a country in Europe without having worldwide repercussions. There are wars elsewhere, but corrupt/bought media doesn't mention those, and it seems no one cares. America cares about America, Europe about Europe, etc. Anyway, Putin deciding to attack Ukraine is insane... oh yeah, he did it to Georgia in 2008 with the same false claims that they were helping to save their people. Except Georgia is far enough away from Europe for Europe to care.

3. Many people wishing for power are pigs. Putin is the biggest of quite a few around at the moment. He'll devour everything he can, the weaker ones first. There are others like Putin in other countries. When will they come after you? 

Follow this guy on Youtube, Denys Davydov. He's Ukrainian and tells it how it is.

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