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Friday, April 13, 2012

You don't need a PhD to write

Too damn right - you don't need a PhD to do a lot of things, yet everywhere you go they expect a piece of paper which 'proves' you have a brain. A piece of paper given to you by other people who had been given the same paper some years before. A piece of paper which tells other people that you 'know' something about something - which is a lie because most people cheat - oh yes they do. I went to a Philosophy exam the other year, about 50 people in the room. The teacher received a text on his phone (yeah, right), and left the room for a few minutes. The room exploded with opened books, piles of paper and cheat lists appearing from all places. Where was I? A piece of paper get the gist. Continuation of a corrupt system.
Frank Zappa says it all in 'Dummy Up'.- "the college-degree is stuffed with absolutely nothing at all, you get . . . you get nothing with your college-degree . . ."
I've learnt a lot from college so far, and when I finally get that paper which represents my work, maybe I'll have a different viewpoint.

Also, just watched a bit of an 'academic' discussion on Shakespeare (Shaky-baby, the greatest friend to all writers, the greatest source of inspiration to all - in my opinion), can't wait to watch more. Though when that'll happen...Iambic pentameter, lovely. I'll have two, please, with an egg on the side.

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