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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've just seen another review on!
The reviewer is a 'Frank Zappa', deceased rock musician extraordinaire. It's not me, I swear, though I have a good idea who it is....Thanks for the review, guy!!
And here it is...
"An interesting version of an old favourite, this story is a light and amusing version of the life of Jesus, but with a twist. Not recommended for the narrow minded or deeply religeous without a sense of humour.
To understand the full complexity of the characters and narrative you should also read (J.L.Caine's) [that's DJ Caile's, 'Frank') first book, Man by a Tree which explains in modern terms the relationship between heaven and hell when time stands still; satire at its best.
The Bethlehem Fiasco is an enjoyable read giving new light on the relationship between Jesus and his disciples and the misunderstandings that can happen in normal everyday life
Highly recommended. (5 stars) "

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