Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here, fishy, fishy

Yes, an extract again from 'Rage', the part with the "You humans live in shallow waters" (page 139).
We really do. We're just out of the trees, and some us have already gone back.

It was dark, she had some kind of textile over her head, probably a black cloth sack of some description. She was also in water, though not much, just enough to keep her skin wet. What did she remember? Something hard and heavy had hit her head, there was pain, and that was all. She had no idea where she was or when it was, but whoever had done this to her wasn't exactly intelligent or knew about dolphins. She made some clicks and her biosonar ability mapped out what was a small almost empty room. A short human was in the room.
"Where am I?"
"Hello, fishy."
"Where am I?" Whoever it was, they didn't want to communicate. It was a young voice.
"Here, fishy, fishy." With her biosonar she saw that the young voiced human was dangling a fish in front of her nose.
"Tell me where I am." Kang Dee got hit over the head with something hard.
"And I am not a fish." She received another sharp hard hit to the head.
"You humans live in shallow waters."
"Ehh?" This human wasn't smart, he didn't know a dolphin swear when he heard one. Or it meant that he was as young as his voice, too young to have any knowledge of her culture.
"Where am I?"
"Here, fishy, fishy."

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