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Friday, May 17, 2013

Another win! Caption Competition!

Well, well, 2 wins in 2 days!
I entered Clive Eaton's (author of The Pyramid Legacy) Caption Competition, the 2nd week in a row, and won!
I re-used a quote from a Batman movie about hungry dogs to make a joke, and I won! (There couldn't have been many entries, really) :-) See the caption and picture here (the dog in a Batman suit)
Just entered again, for the 3rd time. You never know...(My caption for the new one is..."Nah the plugs are okay! Try it again!" (man on car in water))

And a big 'thank you' to Anonymous Á for donating 'Bethlehem Fiasco' to the school library. The kids now have twice as much chance to be a victim of Dani J Caile...perhaps even more so, that book could turn heads..:-)~

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