Thursday, December 24, 2015

Part 11 of 12 Iron Writer Christmas Special

Part 11...almost finished! Wow, it's coming to a climax...
Here are the stories on the Iron Writer website...
And here's mine..

WQ157 image above, an ancient text, a binding covenant, an offering

Part 11

The Empress motioned for the guards to release Feyle, and the chains and nooses fell away, allowing him to stand.
"Citizen, I give you three choices," said the Empress. He bowed his head to receive them. "The first, to stay in this court and create art like we have never seen before. The second, to go back to the streets and fill the hearts of our people with your talent. The third... to do what you must."
Feyle looked up at the Empress. "I know now that I wish the third, but I made an oath on the holy book," he said.
"An oath under duress is no oath at all, that is no binding covenant," said the old man beside him.
"Ah, yes," said the Empress. 'I almost forgot." A servant passed her an ancient text. She opened up the scroll and read. "Councillor of Arts, as Empress of this land I hereby banish you to the furthest reaches of the empire."
"What? You cannot do this!" The guards took the Councillor away. "I will have my revenge!" he screamed as the doors closed on his last words.
"And now, an offering," said the Empress. One word to the Captain of the guard and he was gone, emerging moments later with a sword, it's scabbard embellished with rubies and emeralds, it's handle plated in gold. "Take this with my blessing and go."
Feyle bowed once again and the Empress handed him the magnificent sword, her smile filling his soul.

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