Friday, May 31, 2013

Post on Robbie Cox's blog! +

Tomorrow I'll have a post on Robbie Cox's blog, The Mess That Is Me :-)
I hope it'll give me a little more exposure, I sure need it!
A friend of mine is helping out editing 'Manna-X''s coming, really. Next week, perhaps?
Another gave me an idea for another story...but first 'Manna-X'. Trees are a main element in the book, in the background somewhere, but still there. We are still monkeys, firmly stuck to those trees...
Here are just a few things you can find in 'Manna-X'...(other than a 1000 other things)
- a new 'fly in my soup' joke (okay, maybe not new but has a new dimension)
- King Solomon's most sacred artifacts ('artifacts' is pushing it)
- Moses and his 'snake' crook (there are a few other snakes in there too)
- the Manna machine (yes, it is in there somewhere)
- crazy non-physical entities (who have absolutely 'no idea'...)

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