Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good for Grisham

John Grisham, the 'undisputed master of the legal thriller' with..."The Racketeer"...I think that title suits him quite well. Yet again, the same formulaic book out every couple of months, each with over describing of clothes, buildings, facial movements, interlaced with bad 'B' movie dialogue...I congratulate Grisham! He has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of 1000s of readers with this stuff! He's smarter than me, thinking the readers' market is full of dumbass nobrainers. I congratulate him on getting what I call a 'tenure' publishing contract with a major publisher - whatever he writes, they print... his words, however awful they are, make a lot of money. Really, I can't read one page without finding something to shout about.
And me? No sales, no nothing. Entertaining books with an enriching philosophical filling...but no readers...
So I applaud John Grisham, and all those other writers with their formulaic six-monthers!

Me? Finally, Amazon has got my stuff together, 'Manna-X', can now be seen in both paperback and Kindle!

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