Thursday, November 21, 2013

Authonomy crashed??? Jottify then...UPDATE

I have absolutely no idea what happened to authonomy. Maybe I put my new book on and it crashed..."Oh, no! Not another one! I can't take it!" (pop)
So I'm putting the 1st 10,000 words on (a very quiet site, unless you're a poetic genius and 24 hour social junkie) it is (this is the link)...please leave a comment and a real name, I'd like to use them in/on the printed book.
I should 'win' NaNoWrimo this year, as much as you 'win' it - it's a personal writing challenge.
And Iron Writer Challenge 40 (Grudge 2) is beyond me, it's 'poetry' and a certain type - so alien to me - I'll have to keep it in the collection, but I'll put a 'WARNING' notice on it..."Not for human consumption".

Oh, I've never been top of the list on jottify before :-) 'History' is made...

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