Monday, November 25, 2013

Feedback (so far) from a rough 'How to'

I already have a little feedback from about my 'How to' beginning, mostly some good solid points made - one guy said I should 'tag' my lines of dialogue..."I was never one for that," said Dani."Pass the salt," said Bob. "No," said Dani.
Need to sort my Short Pitch out...but here are the good things said, so far...
Debbie Roxburgh - "Well, this has certainly made me smile. I have been transported into a strange, madcap world of larger-than-life characters. Some of the scenes had a Monty Python feel to them as they are just so bizarre. There is also a strong element of fairy tale to it which makes for a refreshing mix.... it made me laugh..."

Jack Cerro - "certainly has the comedy angle"'s a bit quiet on both website, for me, ATM. WEBook is still 'happening'...
Alina Voyce - "Loved this! I've laughed my way through the first three sections and I'll be back to take a look at the rest as soon as I get a chance. You certainly have a talent for comedy, Dani!  I thought this first chapter was good, but this story just gets better and better!  :)"
SocialGadfly10 - "First let me say that you have a gift, to create such witty and down-right hilarious dialogue is something I can only dream of. This was simply brilliant..."
Erika Walter - "This was fast paced with great imagery and characterization. The voice was clear and spot on through all characters. It was corky and fun and light."
William Stone - "This was easy to read and fun. Good humor and tongue-in-cheek witticism. I would keep turning the page. Thanks for sharing and good luck."
EddieTol - "This was a fun romp, full of humor and tongue-in-cheek comments that work well together."
Aftab - "I do like this. It has the feel of some forgotten Monty Python sketch...Overall, very promising. I sense you'd make a good screenwriter."
Bob Lance - "How many times did I laugh outloud in 750 words? Three at least and lost my place each time. I wouldn't categorize the style or banter as whacky or confusing because I had a visual just from the dialogue. Dani, I have to have this book when you finish."
Ernest Lee - "...the wacky dialogue is very amusing indeed! I'd certainly be impelled to read."

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