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Saturday, March 22, 2014

With this kind of integrity, I'll never get anywhere...

Well, that last review of 'Manna-X' has gone. I'll tell ya why.
A 'writer' contacted me and wanted to 'swap' reviews when 'Manna-X' was free for a day. I said, "Sure, but don't spoil my 4s and 5s". I then tried to get his book but it wasn't free...a few messages to him and he says "Oh, yes, well, he'll make it free soon." So, that gave him time to read my book because his was only 36 pages long, a few hours for me.
A few days ago, he posted his review without warning and sent me a link to his book, now free. I downloaded it and read the review he'd posted on Amazon. 2 lines and full of typos. Okay, I put it up on here and corrected it. Then I read his book. I asked him to take down his review straight away.
With this kind of integrity, I'll never make it :-)

UPDATE: TIW Flash in the Pans

2014/03/20 : A 6 word story about crows...

Mindless murder annoying scantily clad scarecrows.

2014/03/21 : A tiny story about 2 Shakespearean insults ("Ye eater of broken meats" and "Have fun, you embossed carbuncles!")

Time for the kids' choice, where to spend the last few hours.
"McDonalds!" they said in unison.
"Great. Am I doing this one?" asked the ex.
"It's all yours."

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