Friday, April 26, 2013

Nice post

Nice is a strange little word.
Origin. 1250-1300; Middle English:  foolish, stupid < Old French:  silly, simple < Latin nescius  ignorant, incapable, equivalent to ne-  negative prefix...
...but now it means pleasing, agreeable, etc.
I was on the HÉV (local train) and heard two almost retired Englishwomen speaking about their holiday in Budapest. The only descriptive word they used was 'nice'...for everything, the weather, the buildings, the people, the tea and cake they'd just had, the train, the sun, the seat, their clothes, all with varying quantifiers (very, etc). I had to get off the train, the last I heard they were discussing teaching English...AHHH!
Just finished editing the 'Manna-X' chapter with Moses and God (2nd time)'s not often I laugh at the same bit of writing twice! Usually just a 'yes, good', 'yep, that works', but this one where they discuss the 10 Commandments...a big guffaw!

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