Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Published! And 'How to' finished!

Yes, finally, I'm published by someone :-) I wrote a Steampunk short for an anthology which will be printed by a friend I know who has a publishing house in the USA,Three Fates Press, and it'll be out probably (hopefully) in May sometime! The story is 'Tracer's Choice' and it's about...oh, you'll see it later. It's a step up from self-publishing, they can do things I can't, for example, they can go to conventions and fairs and meet the readers :-)
HOW TO is finished!
Yes, after I sort out the quotation marks (Mamie), I'll send it to my friend (as mentioned above). You never know, she might wanna publish it. I've already got a better idea for the cover...human skin photo with a Celtic tattoo, with patterns and title in that style. What do you think? Well, after reading the book through a couple of times, this seems to be the only cover possible.
Watch this space...Face-slapping Literature is coming your way :-)

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