Sunday, May 11, 2014

Looking back (1) - NaNoWrimo 2011 + authonomy

Already finished my piece for TIW final and did Weekend Quickie 35 and I can't imagine a life without writing. When did it all begin? Where? In November 2011.
Some time in 1995/96, I wrote up my experiences of being in a band and tried to change it into fiction. This was my first serious attempt at writing and I even sent it to a came back with a 'Thanks but no' note. (When I was 9 I wrote my first story about a family who lived in a speck of dust).
After moving to Hungary, it never came into my mind that I should try again until someone said 'You should write a book about that', a sarcastic remark, I think. Mid 2000s, I did write a children's ESL book but the project was destroyed by a manager who 'fed' his friends.
Anyway, I saw on the internet an advert about NaNoWrimo, "write 50,000 words in a month" challenge.
For 30 days I wrote. And I got 51,000 words. I won the challenge. I then saw another thing about '' and uploaded my 'book' (after some editing). It received 44 backers and got to No.81 (good for that website) with a ton of comments and help. After a little more cutting, 'Man by a tree' was born. The ride had begun.

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