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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Looking back (4) - spreading my wings

'Rage', my 3rd book, took a lot out of me, but I still needed to write. I looked around for competitions, challenges, anything that could keep me writing, feed a need for inspiration and creativity.
I found a nice little 55 word competition, which I won't mention here because I left it on bad terms, but it showed me I could write Flash fiction. It didn't matter what the 'element/s' was/were, I could always write something good. I didn't win anything, of course, only clone writing won.
I then saw a fantasy novella competition and wrote a 13,000+ word story, a 'Christmas Carol' meets 'HHGTTG'....'TDX2' (Too Dull to Die)
Of course, nothing happened.
A new book wasn't coming, so I searched for another 'challenge', and found the Iron Writer Challenge just as it started up...

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