Friday, June 6, 2014

Challenge 66 - Grudge 6

Yes, I was in this one...anonymous, well, it should have guy posted his story, and then there was mention of the collaboration in that team...etc,etc. I came 2nd, in the popular vote and got 1 judge vote, putting me...2nd.
Here's my story in better format than the website...:-)

(elements, written as a radio script, Rav Shaul, one character has a paper bag on their head, include all processes of beer brewing without mentioning beer.)


1        SFX                    TWO PAIRS OF FOOTSTEPS WALK TOWARDS
2                                   EACH OTHER, SOUND OF A PAPER BAG
3                                   RUSTLING AND A COUGH FROM WITHIN. ONE
4                                   PAIR OF FOOTSTEPS STOPS.
5     TED:                  Shalom.
6        SFX                   VOICE OF RAV COMES FROM UNDER
7                                  A PAPER BAG.
8     RAV:                  Shalom.
9     TED:                  Err, Hi. My name's Ted. Who are you?
10       SFX                  SECOND PAIR OF FOOTSTEPS STOPS.
11    RAV:                 Rav. Rav Shaul.
12    TED:                  Who?
13    RAV:                 Rav Shaul, you know?
14    TED:                  Shaul? Oh, Rav Shaul! You're a Gentile!
15    RAV:                 Yes…what? No, that's a misunderstanding, I'm a Natsari Jew!
16    TED:                  Yeah, right, Rav. Pull the other one. Err…but Rav? Why have
17                               you got a paper bag on your head?
18       SFX                   SOUND OF SIGH FROM INSIDE PAPER BAG.
19    RAV:                 I thought that would be obvious.
20    TED:                  Good point, seeing as you're a Gentile. Any stones around here?
21    RAV:                 I'm not a Gentile! I'm a Natsari Jew!
22    TED:                  Whatever. So, you're still reading the Torah then, eh?
23    RAV:                 Of course! I'm a Rabbi! Look, see? Never leave home
24                               without one.
25       SFX                   SOUND OF LARGE PARCHMENTS BEING
26                                 OPENED, THEN BEING CLOSED.
27    TED:                  Oh, right. But, really, I heard you were…a Christian.
28       SFX:                   LARGE SOUND OF THUNDER
29    RAV:                  Christian?
30        SFX:                  LARGE SOUND OF THUNDER
31    TED:                  Yeah, Christian.
32       SFX:                   LARGE SOUND OF THUNDER
33    RAV:                  No, not me. Those Chri…
34       SFX:                   BEGINNING OF THUNDER
35    RAV:                 Those Gentiles…they get -soaked in water-. I don't.
36    TED:                  Yeah, crazy, right? You'd have to be -slightly cracked-
37                               to do that.
38    RAV:                 And they're -steeping- in love and harmony and all that
39                               'Hallelujah' jazz...whatever that is...I've absolutely no idea…
40    TED:                  Oh, Christ, yeah.
41    RAV:                 Mind your language.
42    TED:                  Sorry.
43    RAV:                 Yes, well, everything that those Chri…Gentiles were before is
44                               -rinsed out-, -extracted-. They are -separated- from our grand
45                               teachings by that small group of 'disciples'. Pah!
46    TED:                  Yeah, so I heard.
47    RAV:                  And then they are -boiled- up, cleansed and -sterilized- with
48                               all that talk about 'loving their God'. That's…just not me.
49    TED:                   That guy they follow…who is he again?
50    RAV:                  Jesus.
51    TED:                  What? What happened? What did I do now?
52    RAV:                  No, Jesus, Jesus Christ. That's the guy's name. Jesus Christ.
53    TED:                  Oh, right, right. Yeah, 'course it is.
54    RAV:                 Then they sit and -ferment-, talking about the 'Old Testament'.
55                               Not me, no, sir.
56    TED:                  What is that all about, eh? 'Old Testament'?
57    RAV:                 Beats me. But they are so -settled-, so sure of themselves.
58                               It is quite an achievement to do this in our time of unrest.
59                               They are -stabilized- with their 'Scriptures', with no
60                               -cloudiness- of mind.
61    TED:                  Those Chri…Gentiles, they're a bunch of special -cases-,
62                               if you ask me.
63    RAV:                 Yes, well, it was nice meeting you...err?
64    TED:                  Ted.
65    RAV:                 Yes, Ted. But I have to -wrap it up- here, Ted, I've got a
66                               circumcision at 4.
67    TED:                  Oh, right, well, sorry to hold you up. Have a good one!
68    RAV:                  …yes, quite.
69       SFX                   RAV'S SET OF FOOTPRINTS MOVES OFF.
70    TED:                  Okay, well, Shalom!
71       SFX                   VOICE OF RAV FURTHER AWAY.
72    RAV:                  One born every minute…
73    TED:                  Sorry?
74    RAV:                 And 'peace' upon you, too…shmuck.

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