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Friday, January 9, 2015

Short story contest :-)

Hollyjahangiri ( has a nice little contest, to make an original short story from whatever is in your Spam or Trash folders.
I chose my Spam and seeing as no limit was mentioned, I thought a 150 word Flash Fiction story. 
Here goes...I hope she likes it :-)


"Jamie! You have an urgent court notice!" Devlyn ran into the Ping River Brigade clubhouse and tripped over a large parcel from FedEx. He picked himself up and shook the paper at his colleague.
"Now? But what about the storewide sales that end on Sunday? And those B&B getaways I SO needed to choose from?" screamed Jamie, jumping down from his Higher Education and dropping his copy of the Hunts Post.
"You're just gonna have to go down to Ariana's place and buy from her best gift ideas when you receive Batch A in your e-mails. You're not married, pregnant and 13 anymore, you know?"
"Damn," murmered Jamie, ripping the court notice from Devlyn's hands and reading the small print. "Do you think they'll let me out to apply at UCAS to secure a place?"
"Oh, I'm sure they will, Jamie. I mean, it's either 'sell or die'," he smiled.

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