Friday, May 29, 2015

Writing 'THE' book...

It's been almost a year since I write anything over 20,000 words...I have 3, no, 4 ideas on the go, all at about 10k, but no more. But now, finally, one of them is begging to be written, 'THE' book. will break rules... will 'pretend' to be something it's not... will be 'more' than you can see...kind of a 'codex' book
...but it will also be 'entertaining' as well as 'strange'...
 I already have a cover, a title and 'some' of the plot...('plot' you say?)...but all that later...
Other than this book which might turn out to be novella sized, there's a sci-fi waiting to be written and the sequel to "How to".
I'm still doing the TIW Weekend Quickies, so there will probably also be a 'Dani's Shorts 4 plus' later :-)

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