Friday, September 18, 2015

WQ elergy? Not a poem, but...

Had a go at the Iron Writer WQ 134, as did a lot of good people...

Oh, and if you haven't voted yet, Challenge 128 is up and I'm there :-) Please vote!

 :-) Here's my...
WQ 134 - an image of a goldfish in a bowl, ambition, a compromise

"Today I will conquer the world! A pen, a pen! I need a pen! I'm gonna write the best novel EVER! It'll be a Bestseller for months!" He ran around the flat, pushing away empty cans and pizza boxes, opening cupboards and looking under the furniture.
"Here," she said, passing him a biro. "So, that's your 'big thing' now, huh?"
"I'm gonna write the best book ever, mark my words! I'll be rich, a fat cat among the pigeons, a big fish in the sea!"
"More like a goldfish in a bowl," she muttered.
"Nothing. Well, I'm off to make some money, Those burgers won't get served by themselves." She closed the door behind her.
"Right." He sat down, pen in hand and started scribbling. He scrunched up the paper and took another...

A pile of crumpled paper covered the sofa. He'd tried a novel, novella, short story, Flash fiction piece...nothing.
"Okay, how about...a poem!" Off he went again. "A compromise I know, but I'm damned sure I can kick out some fantastically wicked poetry!" He started an ode, an elergy, some verse, a sonnet, a haiku - after looking on wiki to find out what that was. "Hell!" It all seemed... flat. "Ah-ha!" He took another piece of paper and wrote down his words. Beaming with pride, he stuck it to the fridge door. "You see! I can write!" He put on his jacket and left the flat. (Gone for a beer. Back at 6.)

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