Sunday, October 4, 2015

Manna-X #FREE ...and WQ136

Yes, Manna-X is #FREE again! I've gotta people to read my work and this is the way...if any of you pick it up, please read and review! Please!

I'm also doing quite well in the Iron Writer Autumn Open Prelims, 5 days to go...

And I did Weekend Quickie 136, a good one :-)

...but here it is, anyway :-) Hope you like it!

136 – image of Chinese baby in tub, Precocious, Nonplussed

When she opened the door, I was taken aback.
"Hua?" Her face was pale, her eyes like two black pools. She said nothing, only gesturing me inside. "Not getting enough sleep with the new one?" I hadn't been around since the birth of their daughter.
"You could say that," replied Hua, shuffling in her slippers. I followed her into the kitchen.
"Sorry, I couldn't come around earlier. How's the...?" I stopped in my tracks, and Hua moved past, towards the cooker. In the middle of the floor was a baby, resting in a small tub of water, with a towel over its head. It looked so... confident. Strange. I bent down to greet the girl. "Well, hello there..."
"Bow when you address me!"
I fell backwards in surprise, nonplussed. "Wha...?"
"I said bow when you address nobility!" The baby pointed her finger down forcefully.
"I am Empress Jia, reincarnated! Bow, peasant!"
I looked over at Hua and she was already on the floor, bowing away. Empress Jia? I'd done my history, I knew who that was, but the baby? Incredible. The baby was speaking.
"Now, get me a towel! I believe I have bathed enough for now!" The baby stood up and turned around, her arms held horizontally, readying herself. Hua passed me a towel and I put it around the baby's shoulders.
"She's a bit... precocious, isn't she?" I whispered to Hua.
"Silence! Otherwise I will call the executioner!" Chang, Hua's husband, walked in holding a sword...

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