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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Last Ditch Effort - RAGE #free for 3 days

I'm still waiting on any confirmation as to whether my latest manuscript (Gubacsi Dulu) will be accepted or not, and everything other than my short story writing and 3rd 'How to' which I work on every week is winding down... interest (none), free downloads (none), retweets (none), post likes (none), sales (HA! What are those?)... and all my new stories are systematically being rejected wherever I send them...
So, in one last ditch effort, RAGE, perhaps the favourite of all my novels, will yet again be #FREE for THREE days, starting NOW...
RAGE is a conglomeration of ideas on racism, prejudice, political dictatorship, terrorism, 9/11, species interaction, gender roles, intelligence, technology, genetics, origin of  humanity, etc.
If you haven't downloaded it or bought it (What?) already, here's your chance.

Some words about the book from readers...

Flash Gordon meets Water-world!
Heck, I'd buy it!

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