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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Reif's Return - 4 days to go!

 As I mentioned earlier, I put an extra line on the blurbs on Amazon...

(4-book series: Book 1: Awakening / Book 2: Realisation / Book 3: Struggle / Book 4: Control)

Let's explain those...if I have to...

Gubacsi Dulu (book 1) is where Karina is 'living' her conditioned life the way she wants to, or thinks she wants to, and then she is 'awakened' about a certain part of her society.

Radnoti X (book 2) is where Karina realises that she needs to do something about this, and also finds out a truth about her race - one reviewer mentioned they thought this book was superfluous... but he was a man (do you get my drift?)

Farkas Alpha (book 3) is where Karina does her best with what she has to make her realisation come to fruitation and struggles to do it.

Reif's Return (book 4) is when she has what she needs to gain control and find out what it's all about.

Humanity H2O... maybe you can also find out what it's all about! 42? Nah...

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