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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Inside the 'Reading' World of Small Fry Me

 Thought I'd do something a little different today and tell you another side of writing... READING!

Yes, I do a lot of it, but not what you'd think at the moment. I'd love to read more classics and books people tell me I should read, but time restrictions keep me reading only the things I MUST read. And I LOVE to read the things I must read, which of course are books and stories under the process of being published by other people. Not only do I keep my eye in for typos and things, I also get to see a whole range of genre and ideas. And when I read a good piece of work from an unknown (or known) author, it's a great feeling to know there's still some good literature coming out from somewhere. Perhaps not many people will see it in the end, but I have and I've learnt from it. And all this, all this 'new work' can only improve my own writing and thought processes.

And this is also a MUST read for you! Humanity H2O! (Still working on the new book, based on the character Bohatch)

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